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How to write when your story is messy. Transitions can be challenging to live, and even more challenging to share. Here’s my attempt.

Stop waiting. Stop waiting for beautiful. What would life look like – and how could the world change – if I lived today like I was my most beautiful?  And in our waiting, we are missing. When I embrace what is wrong about me, I cannot embrace what is right about me.

Saying yes to community. I felt insecure, nervous and anxious. I wasn’t sure I had much to offer. I couldn’t see these fun, cool new people liking me or enjoying my company. But with persuasive people on both sides of me, what choice did I have? But yes. Yes. I said yes. In all of my brokenness and messiness, I said yes.

Mice, oreos and conquering my fears. How often do we let fear rob us? How often do we let our fears haunt us? How often do we let fear get in our way? How often do we surrender our lives to these fears, dead or alive? How often do we idolize fear and put it on the throne?

After boarding and before takeoff: How to wait well. Because this, here, now, today . . . this is life. Waiting or not waiting, scared or frustrated or sad, this is the life we are living.

Why we need to share what marriage really looks like. Because what we see on TV and in movies and magazines is rarely the truth. Marriages should not have to be built on these at-best half-truths. To those who are married, open up and share. Open your arms for a hug and know that it’s hard to share but it’s good to share! Share what you’re tackling, and how you’re tackling it as allies and not as adversaries. The world, and its marriages, need to hear about it.

And part 2 — why marriage is crazy tough — and unbelievably worth itWhen you put two imperfect people together, both with their own lives and own stories, it is not easy to blend as one. Marriage is hard, but perhaps more accurately stated, marriage is hard work. It’s the daily work of putting someone else’s needs before your own. It’s the daily work of choosing what’s best for both of you, instead of what’s best for only you. Make no mistake, it’s work that I love because it is for a person I love.

On taking off our concealer and getting real with those we love. This is not an anthem against makeup; this is not a call to surrender the mascara wands and lipstick tubes. But it is a call to quit the concealing in our relationships.

7 thoughts on “Start here.

  1. Read your post on “Finding Purpose in the Pain”…left a comment there. But, wanted to stop by and check your site out. Loving it, and loving looking through it! Look forward to more communication with your AMAZING self!

    • YES! Monica, absolutely! I’ll email you so we can correspond that way. Thanks for the love, new friend 🙂

  2. Sarah,
    Since getting your email yesterday, I decided to check out your site – GREAT STUFF!! “Getting real with those we love” – well, that IS the point, isn’t it? And sometimes the hardest thing to do….thanks for making me think this morning! Have a great day!!

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