happy saturday! (inspiration-driven links)

Happy Saturday, friends! Here in KC, we’re supposed to reach 54 degrees today. 54! That’s about 40 degrees above what winter felt like . . . I’m this close to venturing out in a skirt and my Chacos.

inspiration-driven links

A few gems from around the web this week . . .

Chicken pot pie pizza. Comfort food meets comfort food! #1 on my indulgent-things-to-cook list.

Trader Joe’s . . . how do I love thee! Let me count the ways! That said, TJ’s is a little overwhelming if you don’t know what’s good there. So when The Kitchn recommended the best extra virgin olive oil at Trader Joe’s, I made a permanent mental note.

Dr. Seuss has quite the hat collection. And it’s way past the Cat in the Hat.

Don’t call it a comeback, right? The latest trends in marriage, reported by the Atlantic: “The share of newly married adults grew in 2012. But bachelor’s degree holders were responsible for almost all of the jump.”

What about you? Best thing you read this week? Tell me!

PS — Thanks for your love, friends, as I’m back on the blog front. Like I said, don’t call it a comeback. xoxo

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