where I’ve been

Hannah Brencher is one of my favorites. She’s the gem behind More Love Letters and other uniquely encouraging endeavors.

She recently quoted Macklemore — credit where credit is due, friends — and it grabbed me:

shed my skin and bones

Oh y’all. Looking for me? That’s where I am. Bones in. All in.

We were in the middle of that 30-day series when I stepped away. Insert all the emoticons here, for a quick overview. A family loss, sadly. A little traveling, a lot of whirlwind. And fall is always a busy season for Inspiration-Driven Communication too, the time when I eat-drink-breathe college essay editing. The absence wasn’t intentional; it just happened. Thank you for your grace, your rich grace.

So here we are, the week of Thanksgiving. And this darling little blog isn’t that one weird vegetable three casserole dishes to the left of the turkey. It’s the pumpkin pie. Sweet . . . and doesn’t go bad immediately. Like the healthy stock of canned pumpkin I keep year-round (I had 12 on Saturday, 11 today), it keeps. 

This blog keeps. But a lot of things don’t.

I met Kristi at Influence this year and her heart inspires me. I’m also convicted by the title of her blog. It’s called And Babies Don’t Keep.

Join me in filling in the blanks, friends. ____ don’t keep.

Puppies don’t keep. I’ve been snuggling my fluffy puppy, Chaco, every second I can. I smother him with hugs and kisses and give him treats and cheese and toys and love. He was 11 pounds on Saturday at his vet visit . . . and when Mr. S. and I got him, he was three pounds. Three. He’s growing and puppies don’t keep, so I’m loving him big.

love my little fluffs.

love my little fluffs.

Friends don’t keep. Friends move. Friends get married or have babies or change jobs or shift life and friendships just don’t stay static. These people . . . these people I can count on, but the life we’re living together right now can’t be counted on forever. This season with these friends doesn’t keep, so I’m loving them big.

Business and clients don’t keep. I get to work with some of these people for just one season. Words are a type of magic. I want to build relationships and sentences simultaneously. I want to market well and love well in the same moment. I want to write write write and work work work and remember that there is a greater, ultimate purpose than the almighty dollar sign. It’s the Almighty, friends, and if I can work in light of that, I call it a successful business. Business and clients don’t keep and so I’m working big and loving big.

Husbands don’t keep. Technically they do, but realistically, this moment is here and gone in a flash. We’re on the cusp of our third Thanksgiving as married people and our seventh Thanksgiving together. This January marks three years as Mr. and Mrs. S. and the start of year four . . . where does the time go? I love our family. Husbands don’t keep and I want to love mine big.

So that’s a little recap. I have stories to share and inspiration-driven jazz to compose, so stay tuned. I won’t say sorry I was gone, because I don’t regret what I was doing while offline. But I will say I’m glad to be back.

Happy Thanksgiving week, friends. I’m thankful for you. Really.

Your turn! Fill in the blank: _____ don’t keep. Leave a comment or get in touch with me personally.


4 thoughts on “where I’ve been

  1. Hi Sarah,
    Nice to “see” you again. 🙂

    Mine is “Young girls don’t keep.” Pre-teen to teen and the years will start going even faster. And they are important years…character forming, life changing, get through school…find-my-place-in-life years. So, I’m loving on her big. (For as long as she will let me!)


  2. While I haven’t been a regular visitor, it is nice to see you again! The first thought that comes to me is this cold weather doesn’t keep. Yay! I loved what Laura shared too. Young boys don’t keep either. Mine have grown too quickly.
    Happy Thanksgiving.

  3. Children don’t keep. Spend every moment with them because too quickly they will be gone. So grateful to spend time with my daughter but missing my two sons who have moved away.

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