you are a writer . . . and you own a business (day 7 of #31days)

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You’re not a freelance writer.

Yes, you read that right: you’re not a freelance writer. Yes, I know this is 31 days to freelance writing and all that jazz. But really.

You’re not a freelancer. You own a business.

Small tweak in lingo, big tweak in behavior. A paradigm shift.

Stephen Covey calls a paradigm a pattern, a model, a representation. Change the way you think about what you do . . . and your behavior will follow right along the way.

One of my first clients is also a dear friend and phenomenal mentor. She’s encouraged me from the start to look at what I do as a business. I am a writer, absolutely. Much of what I do is writing.

And at the same time, I’m learning to treat what I do like a business. Why?

Treat yourself like you want others to treat you — and that’s like a business, like a professional.

Want a bigger business to trust you with their communications? They’re way more likely to do that if you’re a business.

Want the good assignments, the ones that pay more than a penny a word? You’re way more likely to get them if you’re a business.

So remember last week how we looked in the mirror and said, a la five year olds, I am a writer . . .

. . Today, find the mirror near you and tack on a clause to that line: I am a writer AND I own a business. Say it like you believe in yourself.

See if that doesn’t keep you sitting up a little straighter this week.

Start treating what you do like a business today — because sooner or later, you will wish you had.

(PS — Are you a freelance writer . . . who has a business? I’d love to feature you in an ask-the-freelance-rockstar part of this 31 day series! Email if you’d like to be considered for an interview. You’ll get to share a little hard-earned wisdom with the troops! A little good PR never hurt, right? The magic address: sarahkoci at gmail dot com!)

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