how I started freelancing, part 1 (#31days)

31 days buttom

WHY matters, no matter what you do and who you are. As I launch my 31 Days to Freelance Writing series, I’m jazzed to share how I got started as a freelance writer.

Spoiler alert — I own a boutique communications business today. It’s called Inspiration-Driven Communication.  Here’s the Cliff’s Notes of that journey. My WHY and my HOW intersect preciously, so I’ll share them both.

Autumn 2010 and I can’t speak. Can’t speak normally, anyway. My voice matches that of a boy in puberty . . . but without the energy, without the muscle, without the ambition. Droopy eyes, swollen and sunken face. It’s all a little bit too much. I’m planning a wedding, working my caboose off at my nonprofit development job, building every friendship I could, exercising way too much . . . and launching my freelance business.

The nonprofit I worked at was a high school, and the students were inner-city kids with much potential but few who had gone before them. It was a treat, honestly, to work to earn money to fund their education. To show them that they could contribute, that they were worth it! I loved it — loving those kiddos was a privilege, a treat, a gift.

Hoarse voice? No match for ambition, y’all.

At that first job, I became friends with the college counselor. My work with those students intersected with the work she had with her private practice students, those in the next county over. I edited essays for kiddos striving for community college and kiddos hoping for Harvard, all in one week. 

With the essays I edited as a freelancer that season, I bought our wedding flowers.


And then we got married. Mr. S. was a gem, as anticipated. But my employment? Well, that’s another story . . .

{Tomorrow, it’s part two of my start to freelancing! Stay tuned.}


5 thoughts on “how I started freelancing, part 1 (#31days)

  1. Oh how fun! You can be my friend! I’m a freelance writer, too, and it happened accidentally. Sort of. Maybe providentally is a better word. I can’t wait for tomorrow’s post.

  2. Following this series. I love to write. But I blog more like how I talk. However….when I am reading a BOOK, I’m definitely a proofreading snob. It recently took me 2 months to read an ebook that should’ve only taken a day because there were so many errors I had to put the book down. Never really thought of freelancing, I proofread and write for fun mostly.

  3. I am looking forward to your story of how you got started a freelance writer as I am trying to break into that field too. Thanks for sharing!

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