when a not-dog-person gets a puppy.

chaco 14

Dear Chaco,

I know you can’t read. But whatever, I’m writing a letter to you anyway.

I’m not a dog person.

You’ve overheard me say so to your dad – yeah, he’s Mr. S. on these interweb things – and given that I’m a dog owner, that line makes no sense. Let me explain.

I was a little girl, two or three feet taller than you, and a crazy-big, crazy-scary dog ran into my parents’ back yard, where I was playing. Knowing no better, I ran. And, also knowing no better, that dog chased me. Before I knew it, I was on the ground and that startling dog was on top of me. I was attacked. Like any attack of any kind, it’s bound to make an impact.

One bad apple ruins the whole bunch, and this character was no exception. I’ve lived most of my life as “not a dog person.” Fearful of the four-legged and especially petrified of dogs. I was that kiddo who cowered in the corner at birthday parties if the birthday girl had a dog. I’ve been that adult who shrinks back at the sight of something on four legs.

So when Mr. S. and I were dating and he brought up dogs, I was hesitant. No way, no how, never. Mr. S. wasn’t pushy, and yet the conversation came up again and again.

Fast forward, and here we are.

Here’s the thing: God redeems messes.

God took my sloppy, scary relationship with dogs and used you as a vehicle for redemption. God took that dog attack and used you to banish generalizations of every kind.

Sweeping judgment, overarching overservations, sweeping judgments . . . God is using you, my puppy, to put generalizations in their place.

God is teaching me that one ought never represent the whole.

Twenty-ish years post dog attack, I’m nuzzling my nose in a fluffy, four-legged puppy who lives in my house. Never thought I’d live to see the day.

That’s God for you: always redeeming, always surprising.

Chaco, you’re half lamb and half monster and all adorable. Grateful for the gift of you.

so much love,
Mommy (okay, okay . . . Sarah)

chaco 18

10 thoughts on “when a not-dog-person gets a puppy.

  1. SO CUTE!!! I also was attacked by a dog as a child, and still have a little fear, but am not really a dog person for other reasons… I am more of a cat person. And yet, I have a puppy. Who just chewed through our speaker wires.

  2. Welcome to dog love 🙂 Once you are bit by the dog bug you rarely go back. Ive loved them since I was little but never had that type of situation so it is understandable…he is SO CUTE! I hope I get to meet him sometime. They are the greatest when the spouse is traveling too…

  3. I know the occasion all too well – had the owner not immediately arrived (at that moment), this dog would have been sent to hades by an “Ernie Banks – Slugger (36 X 36)” bat as wielded by yours truly. I am so happy to see what Choco has done for you! He does a lot for your Mom and myself – I mean who else calls and spends more than a half hour on face time watching a puppy.

  4. God is very good at those surprising, redeeming situations! I”m not a dog person, and at this point I can’t imagine ever being one–but all things are possible with God, and I think it’s awesome that this little dog has brought such love into your life.

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