have mercy. (five minute friday)

It’s both bad and awesome that the first time I ever heard the word mercy was from Uncle Jesse. Because all those ladies he liked were just way too gorgeous, boundlessly beautiful, and Uncle Jesse just couldn’t handle it. And Aunt Becky took that have mercy cake.

uncle jesse 2

Have mercy. As if to say – this is all too much. She’s so much more gorgeous than even I, Uncle Jesse, can even wrap my attractive head around. 

And so it goes with faith.

When it’s all too much, when it’s all heavy and crazy and the world is growling and the allies have all but vanished . . . that’s when we cry for mercy. That’s when we crave mercy. Just a little less pain? A little less struggle?

We always get the mercy we need for today. Mercy doesn’t equal what we want. Mercy doesn’t equal what we think would repair it all. Mercy doesn’t always equal fairytales and storybooks and over-the-rainbow.

Because Christ is bigger than it all. Christ’s wisdom is bigger, greater, grander than our slick minds can fathom.  Mercy isn’t always less – often, it’s more. It’s more than we can imagine.

Mercy is God’s grace in the moment. Have mercy, indeed.

Linking up with Five Minute Friday again today. This week’s prompt was mercy.

Image via. And yes, ladies, happy Friday, am I right? 😉


7 thoughts on “have mercy. (five minute friday)

  1. “Mercy doesn’t always equal what we want.” Amen. Yet, I’m slowly learning that as I look back I can always see how God’s plan and His mercy were so much bigger and BETTER than the way I would have directed my own steps.

  2. Great post and awesome example. Such a wonderful reminder to my spirit this morning.. Mercy is God’s grace in the moment… beautiful!

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