how email filtering has made me happier.

email filtering

Gmail’s filtering and labeling system is nothing new. Using filters, you can automatically label, archive, delete or forward mail. You know, keep the good and scrap the bad. I’ve had filters in place for many emails over the years.

Recently, I put this filtering system into action for my shopping and sale emails. And surprisingly, it’s made all the difference.

J. Crew. Restoration Hardware. Crate and Barrel. Banana Republic. Even Moleskine. I subscribe to these emails because I like these brands and love a good sale. Put any number in front of a percentage sign and I’m enticed.

Although I didn’t realize it at first, my state of mind was directly connected to how many of these emails I received. The subject line might read “25% off this weekend at Banana Republic.” But what do I see? “Budget be damned, don’t miss out!”

Before I know it, FOMO – Fear of Missing Out – kicks in. And then I hop on the hamster wheel of self-doubt.

. . Maybe if I wasn’t building my business and took a “traditional” job, I could snag that coral pencil skirt.

. . If I don’t buy those shoes, I won’t look good at that meeting.

. . Without that dress, I won’t have anything to wear next weekend.

Lies, I know. Something about those sale emails makes it a little too easy to believe the lies as truth.

But with these emails filtered, I check my inbox with a clear perspective. I’m able to focus on the task at hand and keep my spirits high.

Why not just unsubscribe? Well, when there’s wiggle room in the budget, or when I actually do need to replace something, I like to know about sales. And I do like to keep my finger on the pulse of cardigan fashion. to Mr. S.’s chagrin 🙂 So filtering allows me to quickly scroll with a purpose and avoid absent-minded online shopping.

And here’s another thing I’ve learned. Just one glance at the folder and I realize how frequently sales happen. Maybe I miss this weekend’s sale, but J. Crew will have another one next month. So it’s going to be okay. The sun will still rise, even without that sweater.

It’s simple, really: get rid of what makes you feel crappy to make space for what makes you feel wonderful. 

2 thoughts on “how email filtering has made me happier.

  1. I do this too. Having those emails skip my inbox but remain unread makes me happy too. I do it for my blog affiliate emails too. Happy day to you!

  2. The new Gmail tabs automatically put all those promotional emails in a separate “inbox” — which has actually helped me stop checking my email so often since the little number indicating new mail in the header doesn’t show up for anything but personal emails! As for sales, I’ve adopted the same attitude — check when I am looking for a specific item, but otherwise, there will be another sale very soon. And “cardigan fashion” ha… I heart cardigans!

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