what is a copywriter?

In January 2011, I took my freelance writing from an evenings-and-weekends gig to a part-time pursuit. With that transition came my first speed-networking event. Business cards in hand, heels on my feet: I felt ready.

The evening went well. But the next day, several emails arrived asking about registration, licensing and trademarks. Oops. I’d been mistaken for a copyrighter, but I’m a copywriter. Lesson learned: copywriting isn’t everyday lingo. . . . 

what is a copywriter?

I’m a freelance writer. But really, what is a copywriter? I’m explaining just what that means over on the Fervor blog today.

Fervor is a virtual agency, a collection of creatives, and I absolutely love being a part of that team. The group aims to serve clients who are out for more than just the bottom line, clients who want to make a difference in this world. And that’s my mission too, so it’s a privilege to work alongside fellow Fervor folks.

So what is a copywriter anyway? Join me on the Fervor blog today.

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