jump on the wedded wednesday train.

Yes, I’m aware that today is Thursday, and Wedded Wednesdays happen on, um, Wednesdays. But we’ll go there anyway — especially considering all the marriage talk in the news yesterday.

The first post I wrote about marriage on the blog arose from a somewhat struggling heart. After about a year of marriage, both my husband and I felt frustrated with what we’d heard before we said our I Do’s. What we were experiencing in real married life didn’t mirror what we’d heard beforehand.

This post brought unprecendented dialogue. Women from college who I hadn’t talked to in years got back in touch and we launched conversations. Some bloggers agreed and some disagreed. But many were unified in their desire for an honest forum for marriage.

Wedded Wednesdays arose out of my heart to write candidly and speak honestly about marriage. As a society, we often promote it as the pure wedded bliss or the ultimate unhappy matrimony – two very dangerous extremes. We would serve our friends and communities well to be honest. Marriage can be both difficult and beautiful, both struggle-filled and triumph-filled. We owe it to each other to get real about marriage.

We’ve been married for less than three years. And so that gives us a stage, but a small one at that. Other voices carry weight and wisdom. And since this past Valentine’s Day, Wedded Wednesdays has expanded to include guest posters.

Tag — you’re it.

guest post for wedded wednesdays image

Would you consider participating? Consider it a forum for sharing your story, your wisdom, your learned-it-the-hard-way stories . . . whatever your heart calls you to write.

The initial batch of posters was composed of married women. Today, the floor gets opened. Restrictions are few and no matter who you are, I’d love to chat more. Interested in contributing? Email me — sarahkoci at gmail dot com — and I’ll share more.

Thanks for considering it, friends.

In other news, y’all, I’ve been a little quiet on these parts; thanks for being good sports. Thanks for cheering me on and sticking with me.


One thought on “jump on the wedded wednesday train.

  1. I was thinking of you the other day and wondering if you had a forum for this topic. I’ve seen and read so many posts on marriage and I agree, it’s important to be able to speak openly and candidly about one of the most difficult yet rewarding experiences in a person’s life, their marriage. My husband and I have the most NON-ideal marriage and have struggled almost the whole way. Here, I write about the past 7 years as man and wife. Hope you get time to read. http://mountainmissy.wordpress.com/2013/06/09/lucky-7-or-the-seven-year-itch/

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