just keep going.

Hey, you. (Yes, you.)

Happy Tuesday. Or un-happy Tuesday, maybe? Either way, it’s up to us to cheer each other on.

It’s up to us to cheer each other on. To encourage those around us. To lift others up.

It’s up to us to tell those we love to just keep going.

Why? Because this is how we fight.

just keep going

God is known to open doors. But in opening doors, he never promised it would be easy. In fact, he actually warns us about it. Adversaries — they’re on the other side of that door. Wide doors get opened and there are adversaries. This isn’t a but-no-or-instead story; it’s and. And means both.

It’s embedded in the human story: just keep going.

Friends, our God has given us this stick-to-it spirit and sometimes we forget we have it.

(Forget Pollyanna and shut up your cynicism-meets-pessimism.)

Love big — that’s loving others and yourself, by the way — and just keep going. We’re serving quite a God, after all.

Cheers to you, friend. Cheers to YOU.

Linking up today with GraceLaced and Soli Deo Gloria.


4 thoughts on “just keep going.

  1. Cheers to you, Sarah! Thanks for this encouragement to keep going. I loved when you said, “Love big.” And then how you added that it means loving others and yourself! Words of encouragement that came as quite the blessing this morning.
    Thank you. Happy to find my way here through Jen’s SDG party.

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