inspiration-driven links, inbox zero edition

For about a week, I’ve been on this quest for the ever-elusive Inbox Zero. I began at close to 1,000 and I’m now well under 350. That’s progress in my book.

As I’ve been sorting, I’ve happened upon so many links I emailed to myself. And the subjects of these emails are all ambiguous. Like for future reference and good advice and to think about. Because that’s clearly an organized and sustainable way to keep your stuff, Sarah.

As I move forward on this Inbox Zero quest, I’m actually opening all these links and reading them through. Though I’m still not sure why I sent some, several are gems, gems far too worthwhile to keep to myself.

So here we go, friends. Inspiration-Driven Links, the Inbox Zero edition.

inspiration-driven links

Earlier this year, Ann Voskamp wrote her 25-Point Manifesto for Sanity. (FYI, her blog plays music automatically, so adjust your volume.) Most practical: Stay in the pool, meaning don’t flit around and don’t get distracted. Most heart-changing: I am complete in Christ.

10 things you need to do if you were fired yesterday, by James Altucher, is good advice whether you’re in or out of a job. It’s good for anyone looking to reinvigorate or start fresh or just start a new week.

John Piper shares wisdom given by one of his favorite English Lit professors, Clyde Kilby, in 10 resolutions for mental health. Kilby wrote these in 1976 and each is more timeless than the next.

I knew Liz Lidgett in college. She was my Pi Chi (recruitment counselor for girls joining a sorority) and one of the first and finest examples I had of a woman who was a real leader at Mizzou. Liz, if you’re reading this, you’re a rockstar. Anyway, she wrote Art world has room for joy and laughter for the Des Moines Register about how art doesn’t have to be stuffy and serious all the time. At its core, art has the power to bring joy and just be crazy fun.

How to change your mind — not as in change what you think, but as in transforming our mind. Joe Carter suggests that we choose a book of the Bible, read it in its entirety 20 times and then do so for every book. Adding this one to the advice I should take file.

The beautiful reason God might not be talking to you, by Jon Acuff, reminds us of a facet in the story of the Prodigal Son that we often overlook.

The New York Times reported last year on how four women revived a down-and-out Mississippi town (They Made Main Street Their Own). What four women did to strengthen one town is so inspiring, and it points us toward what we all can do in our own communities, derelict or not. We can make such an impact, friends . . . such an impact.

Your turn. I’d love to hear the best things you’ve read — this week, or any week. And don’t be afraid to toot your own horn; if you’ve written something especially snazzy this week, I’d love to read it!

6 thoughts on “inspiration-driven links, inbox zero edition

    • Ryan, you are the best. I have heard so much chatter about Mailbox . . . but when you recommend it, I know it’s the real deal! You and Jean are my tech experts 🙂 Thanks!

    • KRISTEN! Wait a minute . . . how do you know Amy?? I also know her and I so want to build this bridge!!

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