don’t try to wriggle out.

She spent Wednesday night out swing dancing, my friend mentioned as she recounted her week. She’s a professional dancer and so when she mentioned swing, I knew I was in for a good story.

During one song, she found herself spun around and dipped backwards in one fell swoop, supported only by her dance partner’s hand on her neck. Balanced on just one hand . . . sudden, unexpected, startling and scary.

After the song, my friend said, she thanked her partner. She asked about that snazzy but completely disarming dance move.

“When you get into those kinds of situations,” he said, “don’t try to wriggle out. Wait.”

Without much reflection, it’s easy to see the greater metaphor.

We dance and dance and dance through our lives. Stepping on toes and forgetting the steps every once in awhile, sure, but we stick with the rhythm of things.

And then the unexpected happens. Suddenly and scary: things get flipped around and backward and we’re perilously held in midair, by just one hand.

In those moments, Christ has the same advice. Don’t be afraid. Wait on me. I will be with you.

shadow of death

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