don’t even think about taking me out to dinner (wedded wednesdays guest post)

{We need to get talking about what marriage really looks like. In that spirit, we chat about it here once a week, on Wedded Wednesdays.}

I can’t remember how Amy Sullivan and I initially connected, but I’m so glad we did. Her heart is decidedly others-focused and her approach is bold, yet relevant.

Friends, a dinner date is a blast in my book. But many of us can agree that a little variety can do a lot of good. Take it away, Amy.

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When Sarah asked me to participate in Wedded Wednesdays, I almost said no. Rarely do I talk about the husband on the ‘ol blawg. It’s not because he isn’t uber fantastic or uber hot.


See, I told you. This is him on an average Saturday waiting for a parade to start. Sure, sure. He’s giving me the “I’m so annoyed because you won’t stop taking pictures with the iPad and you’ve lost another camera of ours” face but you know, there’s no denying he’s a cutie.

Phew. Back to the point.

I usually don’t talk about the husband on the blog because I like to keep us, well, us.

But soon after Sarah asked me to write a post for her marriage series, a friend and I were talking about married life. My friend said she didn’t want to go out to dinner for the occasional Date Night. After all, where’s the fun in ordering another Chicken Ceasar Salad and going to the movies?


Down with boring salads and perfectly cooked steaks (well, maybe not the steaks).

My friend and I started talking about dates and how the best dates were dates in which you actually went and did something instead of quietly staring at a big screen for two hours.


See, here’s something you may already know, guys would rather jam a fork in their eye than go out for coffee and talk. True statement.

Hence, the list. Here are seven fab ideas for your next date night.

Don’t Even Think About Taking Me Out to Dinner.

8 Ideas for a Rocking Date Night:

1. Do something new together. Do you know how-to rollerblade? Find someone, borrow skates, and get to it.

2. Hunt for live music and go listen to it. What? You’ve never even heard of that band with a weird name? Even better.

3. Find a cheap sporting event. This might be a good time to talk about me charging $350.00 Bulls tickets when my only income was $30.00 a week from the plasma bank, but then again, it may not be. Dave Ramsey would not be happy. But really, there are all kinds of sporting events to be had. Buy tickets in the nosebleed section and find someone to cheer on.

4. Go for a hike. Helllooo, walking in the woods? This is bound to be fun.


5. Learn to dance. Once we paid $10.00 each for my husband and I to attempt to learn swing dancing. We were so bad together, they split us up and gave us different partners. We still laugh about our mad skills.

6. Workout. Is there a sport you both like? For us, it’s tennis.

7. Be a tourist. When someone visits your town, what would they be interested in doing? Now you do it. Go take the tour or visit the landmark.

8. Drive. Go for a long drive. Check out new neighborhoods or find a secluded place to park. Yep, I said it. Go park.

Remember, activity equals fun. Now, go get active.

What about you? What’s your favorite date night activity?

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About Amy Sullivan: Word lover. Book devourer. Music addict. Amy is a Northern girl who found herself living in the South. She drinks sweet tea, turns her nose up at okra, and attempts to tell her daughters “yella” isn’t a color.


22 thoughts on “don’t even think about taking me out to dinner (wedded wednesdays guest post)

    • Amy, it has been a blast! I love the variety too. Thank you so much for sharing, sweet friend.

  1. hmmm. you make me laugh.
    bowling, putt-putt. . . our local art museum has beautiful grounds to walk on (can you say free???). we have found anything that gets us active is a huge score. it allows something else to focus on, while still allowing for conversation, which is a huge hit for hubby. that equates to happy date. 🙂
    and for a longer happy date? his all-time favorite inexpensive getaway. . . just the two of us camping. i know. doesn’t sound all that romantic, but compared to the whole six of us as a family camping. . . it was totally rad. and cheap.
    THE MAIN POINT: DO SOMETHING. it is vital to a healthy marriage.


  2. Love this list! We like to go for a walk on the beach, but I know that makes most people hate me because we live near the beach! Still, a walk together is always a good thing.

  3. Before the handful of kids came along we were pros at cheap and fun date nights- frisbee golf outings (I still can’t throw a disc), bike rides, rollerblading in the moonlight, paddle ball in the lawn- but now it seems like if we have an hour we hit the trail and walk around the lake. Of course, pausing to skip stones is a favorite of ours- seems my man will talk more when his hands are busy making those rocks bounce off the water. I still like a dinner date now and then- mostly cause I get sick of cooking. love your ideas here, Amy.

    • Alicia, I never thought about paddle ball! Mr. S. is pretty athletic and I can’t tell the difference between innings and quarters to save my soul. But paddle ball seems so fun anyway! We’ll have to give it a try.

    • Lisa, yes! I’m originally from Chicago and have never been to a Bull’s game, can you believe it? Next time Mr. S. and I head up there, we’ll have to grab a pair of nosebleed seats just for the fun of it 🙂

  4. Sometimes when we can’t afford a sitter, we feed the children and put them to bed then my hubby goes out to get us dinner from our favorite place and we eat with candles and then snuggle to watch a movie together that we’ve been wanting to watch. You can have a great night in 🙂

  5. Love seeing two people I dig in the same place :)! … as a single gal, I’ll just chime in that most of these ideas can work great with friends as well. xoxo to you both!

  6. I LOVE stay at home dates! My husband and I enjoy cooking together and this has become a fun tradition. We also love getting the kids in bed and just walking around outside holding hands.
    Thanks for celebrating marriage ladies!!!

    • Good post and right to the point. I am not sure if this is really the best place to ask but do you folks have any ideea where to hire some prsnfosioeal writers? Thx

    • Albertsen: Das kann ich nachvollziehen, dass Singleleser hier andere Vorlieben haben werden als Leser, die sich eine Ausgabe teilen. Insofern erscheint hier ein Setting in der Tat als beste Lösung. Ich werde mit der Produktentwicklung besprechen, ob das eine mittelfristige Lösung sein kann.Ihre Idee, am Ende eines Dossiers einen schnellen Sprung nach oben zu ermöglichen, bespreche ich mit unserer Gestaltung. Danke für die wertvollen Hinweise.

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