on spring cleaning

Just thinking about the end result of spring cleaning brings a wave of calm over me. Something about de-cluttering, organizing and eliminating the unnecessary is remarkably appealing! Last year, I got rid of 112 things in January and the experience was so therapeutic. A weight had been lifted for sure!

But at the same time, nothing about the act of spring cleaning itself appeals to me. The actual washing and dusting and vacuuming and sorting and shuffling and choosing . . . I’m overwhelmed just thinking about it.

And friends, doing a Google search didn’t exactly make things better. Love me some Martha Stewart, but there were things on her Spring Cleaning Checklist that I’ve never done before and likely will never do. Example? “Polish metal door and window hardware.” Hadn’t even thought about that one, Martha. Thanks, I guess?

The broom we have . . . for spring cleaning, I guess?

The broom we have . . . for spring cleaning, I guess?

When it comes to writing, the same feelings often arise. We love the idea of cleaning up what we write, improving and enhancing our writing. But actually doing so is a different story (pardon the pun). Getting there seems insurmountable.

For this month’s Create.Compose.Commmunicate, Melissa and I are putting to death the myth that improving your writing has to be difficult. Making your writing better takes effort, but doesn’t need to be painful. We’re dedicating April to a little writing spring cleaning. It’s all about decluttering, clearing out the cobwebs and making what you have the best it can be.

Now, back to the actual house spring cleaning . . . really, I don’t know the first thing about polishing window hardware. Are you there, Martha Stewart? It’s me, Sarah.

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