what National Kidney Month and Good Friday have in common.

Last Friday of the month and I’m sneaking in under the wire. I’ve mentioned my dad’s kidney transplant on and off the blog. Above all else, that transplant was a treasure, a gift, an incredible blessing.

March is National Kidney Month and I’ve had it on my heart to share this cause.

But honestly, how to share this cause entirely escapes me. If I’m going to share it, I want to share it well. Do it justice, you know? And my heart still hangs onto shards of grief and fear and frustration.

In spite of this, God has been gracious to redeem the pain and the mess. Earlier this year, I started volunteering with the National Kidney Foundation here in Kansas City. I’m helping in small ways, with fundraising and writing and PR and admin. That’s the kind of behind-the-scenes stuff that’s always felt the most natural for me.

That’s the behind-the-scenes stuff that God is using. Little by little, I’m seeing my hardened heart soften around the edges.

Last week, NKF featured a glimpse of the story on its Facebook page. You can see it here.


Obviously, this story is my dad’s story. But really, it’s more than that. It’s my mom’s and my sister’s story too. It’s the donor’s family’s story. It’s an extended family’s story, a neighbor’s story. It’s Mr. S.’s story. It’s my colleagues’ and clients’ and coworkers’ story, my mom’s coworkers’ story. It’s my friends-who-are-family’s story.

And, in a way, it’s a metaphor for the greatest story there is. (Not a perfect metaphor by any stretch, but just go with me on this.)

God gave us life — the gift of life.

He gave us life in the form of his son, Jesus. We don’t deserve grace. We haven’t earned grace, and we can’t earn grace. We are wrecks, broken and sick and all in disrepair.

Good Friday commemorates the day that Jesus died the death we should have died.

Good Friday commemorates the day that Jesus took the punishment that should have been ours.

And on Sunday, Easter, we’ll celebrate the life that we’ve been given in God. Life, donated. Grace, given. Transplanted, in a way. A new life, in every way. REDEMPTION.

Sharing the transplant story isn’t easy. But when I see the story of redemption through the lens of the transplant . . . I marvel. God has written his story in every crevice of our world.

Thanks for reading Inspiration-Driven Life, friends. Love you bunches. 

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