dear God-Sized dreamer . . .

Dear God-Sized Dreamer (yes, that’s you),

In college, I was part of a group called LEAD Mizzou. We taught other student groups skills and tools for leadership and I loved the goal-setting session more than anything. We taught “SMART” goals — that is, Specific, Measureable, Actionable, Realistic and Time-Oriented goals.

It’s a wise plan and a good place to start for goal seting. I’m sure you’ve done this too, probably in school or in the workplace.

But in setting these “realistic” goals, I did myself a great disservice. In setting “realistic” goals, I stopped myself from dreaming.

The ideas and thoughts swirled in my head and I’d pull an actionable something-or-other from the big dreams. Maybe a puzzle piece of it, maybe a segment of that great dream pie. But the dream itself . . . well, that was packed into brain storage. Maybe someday, but not now, I said.

Enter Holley Gerth. Enter You’re Made for a God-Sized Dream.

god-sized dream book

God-sized dreams, as Holley puts it:

 holley gerth quote - more of jesus

It’s no coincidence that I spent Monday afternoon chatting with my counselor (yeah, I’ve got one, you should get one too) about goals and dreams and what’s standing in the way. Lines from Holley’s book echoed in my brain as we chatted. Lines like this one:

holley gerth - don't believe the lies

And Holley, in her uniquely eloquent way, shares the lies we believe that get in the way of our dreams. Lies like dreaming is selfish. Lies like we don’t have what it takes. Lies like it’s too late.

Haunting lies, yes? Haven’t those lies echoed in your head too? I’m learning to rest in this: Lies are called lies for a reason.

Plus, friends, our dreams aren’t just beneficial to us. The dreams we dream matter to those around us.

And don’t quit, fellow dreamers. Don’t quit, Holley encourages us.

holley gerth quote - don't give up

Cheers to the journey. 

So much love,

PS – When I got the chance to review this book and play on the God-Sized Dream Team, I was hooked, friends. Hooked. And I think you will be too. You’re Made for a God-Sized Dream is made for dreamers of every size and shape, every age and life stage. Whether your dream is about to come to life or you’ve forgotten even how to dream, Holley’s words are precious. God has used this book to encourage my heart and mind – and yours too. It’s available on Amazon, the Barnes & Noble site, your local bookstore and on the Dayspring site (use HOLLEY25 for 25% off).

(Images: screenshots from You’re Made for a God-Sized Dream, pages 12, 16 and 81)

One thought on “dear God-Sized dreamer . . .

  1. Sarah! This is absolutely crazy because I was thinking about this EXACT topic on my morning commute. Recently, I heard a sermon about dreaming big…and it was sort of discouraged. In a world where there are hundred of bloggers exposing how their dream job came true, the pastor thought we needed to be content where we were, not striving for a “dream job” (at least that is how I was hearing the message). My heart was at odds with this because I have some very real dreams that aren’t necessarily glamours but more so full of things I love to do…was it selfish or unlike Christ for me to feel this way? Reading your post makes me think: We shouldn’t just settle. We shouldn’t have a fantasy “dream come true” either. But we should really struggle with God on what our God-sized dream is. I believe in my heart we are such talented, passionate, loving people…that should be expressed no matter what we are doing. If it happens to be doing something specific, like writing…well then, I won’t give up.

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