so I was on TV.

Quite a chunk of my time is dedicated to perusing food blogs, reading food magazines and absorbing cookbooks. Another chunk of my time is dedicated to eating at restaurants. It’s not the largest piece of the budget pie, but I enjoy every dime.

So when I got the chance to be on TV, I said yes, obviously. My segment was about national food trends and restaurants here in Kansas City that are doing it well. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I’d get to combine three loves: food trends, restaurants and, yes, talking. Friends, this was a real privilege.

entryway - kctv5

I loved every second of the experience. It was live TV and a little scary at first, but things felt good once I got rolling.

visitor pass - better kc

I chatted about farm-to-table and hyperlocal food sourcing, cauliflower as a staple instead of a swept-under-your-plate veggie, house-cured meats, chef collaborations, tea over coffee, boozy desserts and the return to the classic cocktail. It was a joy to feature so many Kansas City spots, like Boulevard Brewery, the Roasterie, Story, Gram and Dun, Justus Drugstore, the Farmhouse, Remedy, the Local Pig, Tea Market, Rye, Julian, Kill Devil and Manifesto. Y’all, it’s quite the culinary scene here.

set - better kc

Kansas City continues to win me over, wining and dining me. What an adventure.

(Want to watch? Here’s the link to the video. I say “Absolutely” a lot, don’t I?)

on the show 2

on the show

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7 thoughts on “so I was on TV.

    • Thanks, friend! Never in my wildest dreams . . . but probably even more incredible because of that!

  1. HO-LY WOW. Fabulous, Sarah! How exciting. Little bit of journalism combined with your love of food and all things local and community-driven. Abdolutely fabulous. Can’t wait to watch the video when I get home tonight!

    P.S. Love that your outfit matches the set…;)

  2. I’m so proud of you! You knew exactly what to say and seemed totally like yourself on TV! WOWZERS!

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