guest post: on the LifeStarter blog.

Bank accounts rarely belong in a pick-up line, let alone a flirtatious conversation. But for me and my now-husband, talk of a new bank account spelled romance.

Guest posting over at the LifeStarter blog today about the romantic power — at least, for us! — of a savings account. It’s a special treat to do so. Evan Maxon is the brains behind LifeStarter, but he’s also my former landlord. That’s right, I rented my first loft in KC from him. Really, other landlords ought to beware: there is no comparing to Evan. He was gracious, quick to fix things and friendly.

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Today, remarkably, I have the privilege of working with him on a few projects. Now that, friends, is what it means to come full circle.

And LifeStarter is a company with heart. LifeStarter is a simplified financial planning app that empowers people to live generously. That’s something we can all get behind.

So take a look at how Mr. S. won me over with saving and planning. And if you’re visiting from the LifeStarter blog, welcome! Stick around awhile.


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