coming up on wedded wednesdays: adding a little community.

The first post I wrote about marriage on Inspiration-Driven Life came out of a somewhat struggling heart. After about a year of marriage, both Mr. S. and I felt frustrated with what we’d heard before we tied the knot. What we were experiencing in real married life didn’t mirror what we’d heard beforehand. So I wrote from my heart and shared what was happening in the moment.

This post brought unprecendented dialogue. Some agreed and some didn’t. But many were unified in their desire for an honest forum for marriage.

wedded wednesdays image 2

Wedded Wednesdays arose out of my heart to write candidly and speak honestly about marriage. As a society, we often promote it as the pure wedded bliss or the ultimate unhappy matrimony – two very dangerous extremes. We would serve our friends and communities well to be honest. Marriage can be both difficult and beautiful, both struggle-filled and triumph-filled. We owe it to each other to get real about marriage.

So in the interest of being real, my confession: we celebrated just our second anniversary on on January 1, 2013. Two years gives me insight, sure. And we’ll never have it all together, no matter how long we stick with it. But other voices carry weight and wisdom. Inspiration-Driven Life offers ideas, insights and (oh, how I hope!) inspiration for a life well-lived. And in the spirit of that mission, I’d like to share other voices about marriage. So get jazzed, friends. It’s time for a little guest posting action around here.

Come back this Wednesday for the first new voice! (And if you’re interested in adding your voice to the conversation, send me an email — sarahkoci at gmail dot com — and we’ll chat.)

So jazzed to link up here & here today.

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