falling in love with writing.

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Love: oh, how freely I throw that word around. You too? It plays such a role in our culture, our society and our everyday life. Every February, it plays an even bigger role than usual.

I love cheeseburgers, coffee, wine, good pens, the colors red and yellow. It’s a love of instant gratification, of pure enjoyment and big smiles.

Also, I love God, my family and my friends. This love is a love of substance, of sustenance, of longevity. Same L-word, with a very different meaning.

Writing, communicating and storytelling has been a love of mine for much of my life. I fell hard and fast and it’s no secret that I’m still madly in love with it. Since I started talking, I’ve been telling stories. My gem of a mom dutifully transcribed my tales, and taught me how to record them on cassettes when her hand started to cramp from the endless stories.

Poetry, journalism, grants, sales, marketing, blogging . . . this love affair has taken so many forms. Today, I am crazy-blessed to pursue this love for a living.

Every so often, a client tells me that the ability to write is a gift. Sure, it is a gift, and no, I don’t take it for granted.

Still, writing is like a romantic relationship. Sometimes it comes easy and it’s all cuddle sessions and cocktails. But sustaining a solid relationship, one that really lasts, takes work. (Wedded Wednesday, anyone?)

Melissa and I are convinced that we all can fall in love and stay in love with writing. There’s a science behind sustaining the spark. And there’s no better month for us to guide you towards that love connection than February!

Fall in love with writing, either for the first time or all over again. February’s theme for our Create.Compose.Communicate newsletters is fall in love with writing.

Get ready to nurture your relationship with writing, friends. Sign up now, because our first newsletter of the month arrives in inboxes tomorrow, Thursday 2/7/13. Sign up here.

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