inspiration-driven links, week of 1.27.13

Happy Friday, friends. It’s been quite a week here weather-wise, let alone the rest of everything. So jazzed to share with you all these gems from the web this week . . .

inspiration-driven links

Started using Vine this week and I’m still not sure I get it. Case in point: my first video was of snow, through our dining room window. Original, I know.

I wasn’t at Alt Summit, though I wished I had been! So I especially cherished Megan’s review of it all.

“The truth is keeping up is not what matters, instead just do what you love. Tell the story you want in the way you think it should be told . There is no mold or formula to success. Create what you want to see, work hard, and be nice. That is it. Things come together. Everyone has their own pace because we are all individuals. We all have our time and we all have our own places in this world and community.”

What a call to action . . . I want to pour that into a coffee mug and drink it every morning.

Bidding a teary-eyed farewell to a treasured show, 30 Rock. I’ve enjoyed all the tributes this week. Glad I did go to there with you, Liz Lemon.

And y’all . . . today is February 1. Still time for a solid, fantastic fresh start. This 25-point manifesto for sanity in 2013 (by the brilliant Ann Voskamp, of course) sets the stage. It’s full of both grace and energy.

Thanks for reading this week, loves. Oh, thank you so much.

so much love, me

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