wedded wednesdays: on broken things.

{We need to get talking about what marriage really looks like. In that spirit, we chat about it here once a week, on Wedded Wednesdays.}

After my last meeting tomorrow afternoon, I’m planning to drive myself to Crate & Barrel. (I know, rough life I lead.)

Mr. S. and I have been married for just over two years. And seven of our 12 drinking glasses remain; the rest have broken. These glasses were wedding gifts, and cherished ones at that.

And, sometimes, it’s okay that things break. For us, those broken glasses are a sign of things well-used and well-loved.

glass edited

These glasses have seen us through an unbelievable number of things. They’ve taken many trips along highways. In and out of many boxes, U-Hauls, storage units, packed with care by Mr. S. or myself.

These glasses have served us through rushed breakfasts and lingered-over dinners. They’ve served us through fancy cocktail parties and simple, join-us-for-dessert evenings. They’ve joined us on many a dinner date at home. They’re the glass I reach for when making a taller cocktail. They hold water after a run. They’ve gotten me through many days in my home office.

In my heart, there is little mourning that these glasses broke, and little mourning that they require replacement. Suffice it to say, they’ve served us well. Really, I celebrate replacing them. It’s a sign of a life fully lived, a marriage enjoyed in community.

These broken glasses, plus their replacements, are yet another reminder that each moment, each day, each season is fleeting. Better to replace broken glasses than mourn the ones that have collected dust. Those that broke were well-used and well-loved. It’s a fullness that I have to cherish, a fullness I get to celebrate.

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