inspiration-driven links: week of 1.13.13

What’s on deck for the weekend, friends? I’ll be making this delicious clam chowder for Saturday night. My trick: double the bacon, because bacon is always a great idea.

inspiration-driven links

A few gems from around the web this week . . .

Not sure why it took me so long to discover Penelope Trunk’s corner of the web. It’s mostly career advice, with a little sociology and life thrown into the mix. While I don’t agree with everything she says, it’s certainly thought-provoking. And my favorite post so far is about making a story of your career.

Lipstick . . . file under not-yet-mastered. Despite so many attempts, I haven’t graduated from chap-stick land yet. It’s like the lipstick vanishes from my lips or something. Anyway, this post on dark red lipstick brought the idea back to mind. On my to-do list: learn how to rock lipstick like a big girl.

Have you heard about the (in)RL conference? Sponsored by the blog (in)courage, it’s gatherings of women all across the map on April 27, 2013. I’m so excited to be hosting the Kansas City edition! If you’re a local lady, you’re officially invited. (I’ll have chocolate, if that helps. And it should.) Sign up here.

Finally, the brilliant & beautiful Elora Nicole on Christian art, and why she doesn’t believe in it. “Here’s the thing. God doesn’t need our stories. He’ll act without our tales of redemption. He doesn’t need us, but He chooses to speak through us anyway.” Well-said, sister.

PS — Next week on Inspiration-Driven Life: a giveaway, broken glasses and that quest for community. Stay tuned!

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