inspiration-driven links, week of 1.6.13

Good morning, friends. Writing to you this morning from under a red fleece-y blanket with a full mug of coffee in my hand. Hope you are equally cozy 🙂 

And yes, it’s been 100-ish years since I last tackled the Inspiration-Driven Links. But it’s back!

inspiration-driven links

A few gems . . . 

This glazed beet and carrot salad looks delicious, but each and every time I hear about beets, I just think of Dwight’s farm.

And the best crunchy roasted potatoes!

Favorite point on this list of how to make 2013 a better year is #15: Remind yourself often of how young you actually are and how much you have ahead of you.

The church I attended in college (that’s The Crossing in Columbia, Missouri) impacted me greatly, and its blog continues to do so today. This week I read a post about talking to your children about Jesus. Even though I have neither kiddos nor plans for them soon, I was intrigued. Why? These suggestions, I would argue, can apply to talking to anyone about Jesus. I drank it in.

Finally, I can’t stop cracking up about the reviews of Guy Fieri’s S’Mores Pizza.

Have a delightful weekend, friends!  Now it’s your turn. Best thing(s) you’ve read this week?

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