for my birthday, 26 celebrations.

Hi, I’m Sarah, and I am obsessed with my birthday.

And my birthday is December 26. Yes, that’s today.

Fellow Christmas babies, you feel my pain. My family and closest friends are amazing and remember the day despite its inconvenience. But the holidays are a busy season for everyone. Throw a birthday into the mix? Kinda gets overlooked. Even the little things, like your first grade class singing to you and passing out treats . . . they’re fun and I hated missing them.

As a little girl, I fantasized about that Golden Birthday: December 26, 2012. I’d be a big girl, I reasoned, and since big girls get to do whatever they want and anything they want, I’d make it the biggest celebration of my life.

So here it is: December 26, 2012. Highly anticipated.

I’ve always had this hunger to do something big. Really big. Like biggest birthday celebration of my life big.

The best way I could imagine? A birthday that celebrates more than just me.

For a birthday I’ve looked forward to all my life, celebrate we shall. 26 celebrations, to be specific.

That’s right: I’m planning 26 celebrations throughout the year. 26 celebrations, all involving giving and serving and generosity and community and people in some special way.

I’m dreaming up all kinds of fun things for the year ahead. Some of these celebrations will include local nonprofits, to better the community. Some will include others, or be accomplished by teams. I’m excited about a few blog-based celebrations too, like a pay-what-you-can day and a giveaway or two.

I’m excited to chronicle it. I’ll write about it here the 26th of each month, plus fourteen other days throughout the year.

So this will be a year of celebrations, a year of giving, a year of service. A generous year.

You can come to the party too, if you want. Get out there and serve and love big and celebrate big this year. I’d love to have you.

26 celebrations logo

PS – My sister is both beautiful and hilarious and I asked her what I should do 26 of this year. She said I should drink 26 cups of coffee and see where I get. I think she’s probably onto something.


3 thoughts on “for my birthday, 26 celebrations.

  1. Such a great idea! I really love it. I am a summer baby so I never got to have the in-class celebration in elementary school and things. I always felt so jipped. haha! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! 🙂

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