snippets from the journal

Friends, I’m having one of those journal-heavy weeks. I’ve been taking notes left and right, notes from conversations, notes from times of quiet, notes from times of noise. Holy whoa, it’s a cacophony.

And that’s life sometimes, right? It’s a mindmap of wisdom and it’s okay that the dots aren’t connected just yet. They’ll get connected over time.


So, I guess, I bring you a few dots. Connect if you wish.

Things impact us. Our past impacts us. But neither defines us.Ā 

If we can’t control our thinking, we have to control our environment.Ā 

Cared-for roots bear fantastic fruit. The opposite is true too.

If Jesus didn’t come, then all we’re celebrating this season is winter.

The source of all division, and the source of all healing . . . it’s not a people problem, it’s a God problem.
So it’s also a God solution.

3 thoughts on “snippets from the journal

    • Thanks, friend! It was shared by someone very, very wise.

      And the winter party . . . I bet it was still fun! Paper snowflakes? Snowmen? šŸ™‚

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