on mourning, and how Jesus changes everything.

on mourning

I contemplated ways to use this blog’s influence to mourn, to unite, to grieve and to pray and to remember the victims at Sandy Hook Elementary in Connecticut. Maybe a verse, maybe a thoughtful quote, maybe a poem or prayer. Truthfully, none felt quite right.

Why? Tragedies like this have happened before. Sadly, tearfully, tragedies like these will happen again. This mourning is not unique, and so I’d rather point you beyond my words, to the bigger picture.

The reality? We live in a broken world, a world in need of a great, big Savior. We live in the already and the not yet, in a world desperately flawed and distinctly lost. And so to God we have to run, to Jesus we have to race. Putting our trust anywhere else leaves us simply empty . . . because Jesus changes everything.

Love you, friends, so very, very much. 

(And hey, just to clarify, my goal here isn’t to incite, spark debate, divide or anger those with beliefs different from mine. Love you just the same.)


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