on Advent and transitions

baby jesus

I need more fingers to count the number of my dear friends who have recently-born babies, who are pregnant, who are hoping to become so. Some friends are on Baby #2, or even Baby #3.

Yes, I’ve done my fair share of babysitting, and yes, I’ll tiptoe quietly into Baby Gap every once in a while to creep on the cute bebes of other women. But me? A mom? Not now, not for awhile.

Round bellies overwhelm me.

The idea of pregnancy, the idea of a life entrusted to my care . . . it’s just so much. Maybe because it overwhelms me so, I have a heart to love all these pregnant and recently pregnant moms and dads well. I yearn to cook for these families, to babysit for their kiddos, to clean, to serve. That’s what having a baby should look like in a solid community. Mommies and daddies shouldn’t have to go it alone.

In light of all of this, the pregnancy aspect of the Advent story strikes me as particularly profound.

It’s a privilege to be posting on my sweet friend Stephanie’s blog today. Join me there?


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