on creativity and inspiration

ccc narrowExcuses, excuses, excuses. I can make them all day. You too?

Even when I write a blog called Inspiration-Driven Life . . . that doesn’t mean my life is always flush with inspiration.

Really, life can be boring. Life can be bitter, life can be bizarre. Life can be sad and sobering and crazy busy and overwhelming. And life can be happy and things can be running smoothly.

Inspiration isn’t an equation, unfortunately. What life serves us doesn’t always add up to just what we need for creativity.

Recently, life has been heavy and stressful and busy. Many joys, absolutely. Many blessings, absolutely. But inspiration hasn’t been easy to come by.

So the timing couldn’t be better for Melissa and I to cover the topic of creativity in our Create.Compose.Communicate newsletters during the month of December. As the year wraps up and we try to simultaneously keep up with everything and plan ahead for 2013 . . . couldn’t we all use a dose of creativity?

We’re all jazzed to explore creativity, inspiration and finding the courage to write even when you don’t feel like it. We’ll cover lots of ways to overcome that uninspired feeling. But the first thing to do is commit to writing, no matter what.

If you haven’t yet, go ahead and sign up here. The first newsletter of this month goes out tomorrow, December 6.

Check out what Melissa has to say about creativity over at her blog, Inspiration and Rough Drafts.

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