inspiration-driven links: week of 11.18.12

Inspiration-driven links is my sometimes-weekly roundup of some stellar things I’ve read.

Good morning, friends. What a week. This heart of mine . . . it’s been an anxious, emotional but grace-filled week for me. Cherishing a mug of coffee and catching up on the blogs this morning!

Daydreaming about all kinds of holiday cookies.

And holiday party appetizer inspiration! My phenomenal friend Elizabeth is a fantastic cook in every sense.

More holiday cookies! Because really, you can’t have enough.

On post-traumatic growth . . . tears came to my eyes. I needed this. Maybe you do too?

Your turn! Best thing you’ve read this week?


2 thoughts on “inspiration-driven links: week of 11.18.12

  1. Ahhh, so glad I found your blog! Such a breath of fresh air and I’ve been looking for other blogs with a similar theme as mine 🙂 Your newest follower, Margaret

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