five minute friday: thank you.

Thank you . . .


For friends who bend over backwards for me . . . and let me bend over backwards for them.
For a heart-on-his-sleeve husband who lives out our vows — for better and for worse.
For a new community feeling more familiar each day.
For the oldest of friends and the newest of friends and these new connections that just burst with potential.
For the chance to stretch my wings and stretch my mind and follow my passion for a living.
For clients who have faith in me and allow me to play a small role in their companies.
For light at the end of an anxious tunnel.
For churches that are more than four walls and a pulpit.
For coffee, for wine, for a nice gin and tonic.
For food and recipes and delicious variety.
For grace and salvation and gifts small and large from a God who cares deeply about every inch of us.

(And for you, too. I still can’t believe how generous you are to show up and read Inspiration-Driven Life. Thank you.)

A privilege to link up once again with Lisa Jo Baker’s Five Minute Fridays.

4 thoughts on “five minute friday: thank you.

  1. Brooke, this made me teary eyed. Such beautiful truth here. I’m glad God let you slow down to realize it, and I’m glad you slowed down to share it. And yes, your kiddos are abotlusely beautiful and handsome and so sweet. You are blessed. And I’m blessed to know you and your sweet family. Love you!

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