on reconnecting.

This is early in the morning, very early. Back I try to go to the Bible. I light the candles, make the coffee . . . find the journal, find the Bible . . . get a favorite blanket, a favorite sweater . . .

. . all of this to find I don’t know where to begin. Irrelevant things, really. I flip aimlessly, its thin pages hold so much weight and I just can’t decide what to do.

So I google it all. “Bible reading plans.” “How to read the Bible.” “Best books to read in the Bible.”

It’s not like I haven’t done this before. And yet I’m humbled because really, it does feel like square one all over again.

Conviction sets in. This is the journey, the life journey, of faith in Christ. Although we grow, although we get stronger, bolder, more defined in our faith . . . it really is square one all over again, every day. Grace is new each day. God has something new to teach us each day.

Whether I settle on Psalms or Galatians or Genesis or any other book, the heart of this journey is God and his grace and his salvation. His salvation changes everything.

And so in that spirit, where I turn to in my Bible and how I read it and if I take notes or not and if I journal or not and if I’ve lit that candle or not . . . irrelevant. In the face of this life-changing, world-shaking salvation . . . irrelevant.

2 thoughts on “on reconnecting.

  1. Hi Sarah – This sounds awfully familiar. Getting all cozy and ready for deep thinking time, and then . . . it falls flat. I’ve found that if I just pick a book of the Bible – any book – and start reading, God reaches me. He doesn’t care if I’m following a plan or doing it in any particular order; He’s simply waiting there in the pages. Some days it is more obvious than others, and some days it feels tiresome or forced, but for me, reading is always better than not reading.

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