five minute friday: roots.

I’m always blown away by people who continue to water their lawn long into autumn. Down the street, a man unabashedly waters daily. He has since we moved in, and he did yesterday. This sprinkler vacillates and oscillates from side to side and covers that still-green carpet in water. Every. Single. Day.

I’ve brushed his efforts off as fruitless, silly even. Really, I’m no botanist, so whether this will make a difference come spring or not is beyond me.

But one thing is evident: this man cares about the roots.

It’s the same reason behind my parents’ lawncare regimen. Fertilizer, on a schedule. Getting ready for coming months. They care about the roots.

And those who plant tulips must adhere to a similar course of action. For beautiful flowers in a few seasons, the roots must be cared for now.

As a new-to-full-time entrepreneur, I’m in the planting stages. It’s tempting to rush into the flower-picking, the fruit-harvesting, the vegetable gathering. I want what I want now.

But roots. Oh, roots . . . they are what need love, care and attention now. It’s the season for tending to roots, after all.

Thrilled to pieces to link up with Five Minute Friday on Lisa Jo’s blog once again.

4 thoughts on “five minute friday: roots.

  1. I think we live in a society and culture that so values the now and we often forget the principles of sowing for a harvest that may not come immediately and that tending to the roots will provide full bloom in time. Patience is definitely not my strong point and it’s easy to want to rush the process and be at the next phase. Great reminder to rest in the working, and wait for the harvest.

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