finding purpose in the pain: legacy delayed.

I stood in the front of the class and shook in my pencil skirt and flats. Speaking in front of other adults brought little stage fright. But these students were another story. They were impressionable, and they were harsh critics.

Blank stares followed me as I went through the curriculum. Whispers and chatter encompassed the class and maybe three of them were listening to what I was saying. I couldn’t get their attention and I couldn’t control the classroom. We talked – tried to talk, I guess — about news and why it mattered. And they didn’t agree. They didn’t think it mattered and didn’t want to be convinced. They left the classroom and I cried.

I wanted these kids to like me. And their love and approval wasn’t going to come easy . . .

Sharing what we’ve been through is difficult but significant. Keeping pain to ourselves is a rule worth breaking. In that spirit, I’m honored to contribute monthly at Finding Purpose in the Pain, my friend Stacy’s collaborative blog.

Please join me today over at Finding Purpose in the Pain.

One thought on “finding purpose in the pain: legacy delayed.

  1. Kids are harsh. And they smell fear. I will never forget my 7th grade teacher. She stood up at the front of class on the first day of school and told us that it was her way or the highway. If we didn’t listen she would make us pay. She scared the CRAP out of us. BUT, the rest of the school year she was my favorite teacher. She scared us the very first day so that she didn’t have to the rest of the year. HAHA! Genius! 😉
    Thank you for sharing your story. And thanks for stopping at my blog! 🙂

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