wedded wednesdays: because marriage is the here and now.

{We need to get talking about what marriage really looks like. In that spirit, we chat about it here once a week, on Wedded Wednesdays.}

When we move, I’d say, everything is going to be better.

When Mr. S. graduates. When Mr. S. starts his job. When Mr. S. defends his thesis.

When I launch my business. When I secure that client. When I go full-time with the business. When I lose weight. When I finish that project.

When we have a dishwasher. When we get that puppy. When we make new friends. When we find mentors.

When I whatever. When I fill-in-the-blank.

Scratch that. Scratch it all. We’re married now.

I’m married here, I’m married now.

Love is nothing to put on hold. Love is nothing to place in a future slot. Marriage is too precious to relegate, delegate, push to a later date.

And procrastination is best reserved for things, like dusting or the equally time-insensitive. People? Especially that person? No. Because marriage is the here and now.

If I don’t invest today . . . how in the world is this thing going to grow? If I don’t plant the seeds today . . . how in the world can we harvest in seasons to come?

We’re not perfect. But if we just try to invest, try to plant, try to show up, maybe it’s a step in the right direction. Like clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose or something.

Love matters. More importantly, the people in that marriage, in that love . . . they matter. You matter. Your heart matters, your soul matters. And I wonder just how different marriage might look if we stopped saying when and started saying now.

How do you step outside the “when-I-blank” trap?

it’s a privilege to link up here & here & here & here today.

11 thoughts on “wedded wednesdays: because marriage is the here and now.

    • Oh Jennifer . . . friend, I am right there with you. And try as we might, perfection is and will always be beyond our grasp. Depth, though, is attainable and beautiful. Thanks for stopping by today! Always love to connect with you, friend!

      • Lieber Pastor AndreEs war ein Geschenk Gottes sie kennen zu lernen.Die drei vier Monate in ihrer Kirche haben mein Leben voellig veraendert.Die Mauer des Teufels ist zerbrochen.Sie sind mein Mentor.Gott offnet mir alle Tueren,nur weil sie mir gelehrt habenwie man im Gebet bestimment Fragt.Ich bleibe nit ihnen in veg.lndungbWoifrang von Los Angeles

  1. Speaking from the single person’s point of view, life is too short to waste your single years (be they a few years or a few decades) waiting to begin. What if we started looking at this time as an investment towards the kingdom of God rather than a holding pattern for “the next step”?

    • Oh girl . . . come back next week! That’s just what I have planned for the next Wedded Wednesday 🙂 Love you and your heart and your soul.

  2. I have fallen into the same trap many, many times. When I …. When I …. When I …. Yep, I’ve uttered those words far more than I’d ever care to admit, but it’s true. You’ve given me a great reminder today to be present in my marriage today. Just today. And let tomorrow take care of itself.

    • Alana, glad I’m not alone in that when-I-this, when-I-that trap. We’re married here and we’re married now and we owe it to ourselves to be the present.

    • Well-said, friend. Hopes and dreams are nothing to be ashamed of, but they can get the better of us in the here and now.

  3. My husband’s job moves us around every few years, so we are constantly fighting this…. we always fall into the when we have our permanent home then we will…. Thank you for the reminder to not think like that!

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