finally. (notes on a move)

Target always welcomes me with open arms. Friday afternoon was no exception.

Standing in the card aisle, tears streaming down my face. Not in front of the condolences section, the baby section, the birthday section. Not the Halloween section, obviously, but the congratulations section.

Congratulations. Congratulations to us? Maybe? I smugly asked myself before the (happy) tears arrived.

Congratulations on what?

On finally getting our things out of a storage unit . . .

Storage unit. Empty, just the way I like it!

. . and finally into this cozy & fantastic place!

Yes, friends! It’s real! That lease is all signed, sealed, delivered and this place is ours. (Well, at least for the next 12 months πŸ™‚

And if you’ve been trying to take notes on this move, I have the handiest flow chart for you. Working title, but I call it “Finally.”

We’re happy to live in the city and can’t wait to get to know our neighbors. For now, unpacking boxes is at the top of the agenda.

I really think it’s okay sometimes to give ourselves a little pat on the back. A little congratulations card, if that’s your thing. Life is full of victories — big, medium, and small. And they’re all worth a little congratulating.


13 thoughts on “finally. (notes on a move)

  1. Congrats, my beautiful friend! And your hubs deserves a pat on the back, as well. Let’s race to see who can get totally unpacked first (even though I’ve given myself a month’s head start, I bet you’ll win). πŸ™‚

    • YES! Friend, I couldn’t be happier about this! So wonderful to have a blogging friend nearby! I’ll send you an email with more details πŸ™‚

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