wedded wednesdays: connecting in transition.

As a culture, we need to get talking about what marriage really looks likeIn that spirit, we chat about it here once a week, on Wedded Wednesdays.

Mr. S. is spending this season adapting and adjusting to work, plus remote thesis and research work. For me, I’m diving in headfirst to this fulltime freelancing. Professionally? We’re busy and, well, kind of loving it if I’m honest.

They say opposites attract, and we’re opposite in many ways. But how we approach our work is similar: We’re both Type A and tend to live for professional success. We feed off each others’ enthusiasm. And that, friends, is both precious and dangerous.

In seasons of much work and relentless transition, we can easily overlook the need to connect with our spouse.

I’ve written before about how much we value our weekly dates. Even a one-hour coffee date puts us back on track. We chat, we catch up, enjoy each other’s company.

And this weekly date, while important, is not always easy and it’s not always perfect. Sometimes we’ll get a fancy dinner, but that’s rare. Sometimes we watch TV and that’s not ideal, but its better than nothing and its time together. We have to work to keep that space on our calendar free.

Monday nights are great nights for a date. Because really, who likes Mondays? So a date is a fun activity to look forward to on what can otherwise be the Debbie Downer of the week.

Even as his and my to-do lists lengthen, we have to fight to keep that time together on the calendar. Marriage is like a bank account: regular investments make it healthy over time. Connecting matters because we matter.

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