five minute friday: focus (notes on a move)

FOCUS. So I’m leaving Lafayette today. Really, in about half an hour.

To focus is to keep our eyes on the goal, blinders up. For the first time in my life, a transition feels peaceful. Unlike my move from Kansas City to Lafayette, I’ve tied up loose ends as best as I can. And what I couldn’t do? Grace.

So I embark on this next season. And there’s almost too much ahead of me. Blinders off and the world is big.

And it’s good that the world is my oyster, but oh so bad if I attempt to do it all. (I will fail.)

What do we do when we embark on a new season? When opportunities are a dime a dozen and we can run in any direction? We want to make the right commitments, the right choices, the right connections.

It’s tempting to see the first opportunity and grab it with both fists and let it consume us.

Instead? Focus. Focus on the right opportunities, not the first ones. The right relationships, the right callings, the right communities. They are there, ready and waiting. And these right opportunities deserve nothing less than focused dedication.


8 thoughts on “five minute friday: focus (notes on a move)

  1. Love the way you said, “Focus on the right opportunities, not the first ones”. I heard someone say once too – with every opportunity first decide if it is actually an opportunity or a distraction. It may feel right, but does it fit with your plan, His plan?

    I have a hard time saying no to “opportunities” and needed to hear your post.

    thank you!

  2. I am right there with Sarah and Eileen and you. Wow. I needed to read this. I rushed into a community (a playgroup for my kids) after we had moved to Scotland this past winter. And I am now at a place where I am regretting the decision to become part of it, and better yet, the chairperson. I’m at a point where I am resigning, because our situation has changed, but I feel sad that I got this far into it to begin with and will be letter the other members in that community down. If I would have slowed down and taken some time to determine if that was the best option for me, it would have saved some of the stress I’m facing now. So, kudos to you for realizing that before your move!

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