post on finding purpose in the pain

Yesterday, my second-to-last day at the community art museum where I work, I got to assist in taking down an exhibit for the first time. I felt nervous. Who, me? Not only touch, but move art worth thousands of dollars? This violated the rule ingrained in me since I was a kiddo: Do. Not. Touch.

And yet, there I was, in a Museum, actually being asked to touch. Actually being asked to feel and work with and organize and store these pieces. Freedom. Rule-breaking freedom.

I felt that same feeling when I began to write my first piece for Stacy’s redemptive new contributor site, Finding Purpose in the Pain. Like touching art in the museum, sharing pain violated a rule. Not a rule that others had ingrained in me, exactly, but a rule I’d ingrained in myself. I always taught myself to keep a shiny, happy face and keep struggles to myself.

Writing for Finding Purpose in the Pain? Well, that violates that rule.

Sitting down to write was challenging. I relived many painful moments before choosing to write about my dad’s stroke. Once the words started flowing, however, I found the writing therapeutic and even beautiful.

Sharing what we’ve been through is difficult but significant. Keeping pain to ourselves is a rule worth breaking.

Today, I share about my dad’s stroke, when I was 13 years old. More importantly, I share what I learned through it. A glimpse into my post . . .

I was 13 and hated middle school. Home wasn’t exactly peaceful, but anything was a respite from the popular girls. And so I unlocked the front door as usual, with my lone key on my red, rubber “S” (for Sarah) keyring. But something felt off when I walked through the door . . .

Please join me over at Finding Purpose in the Pain. I’m thankful, so thankful, for your support in all of this. I’m honored to be contributing regularly, so you’ll see more of this as months go by.

(PS — Think you might want to contribute to the site too? Stacy is looking for one or two more bloggers to share their stories. If you think you might be a good fit, get it touch with me — sarahkoci at gmail dot com — and I’ll happily connect you to her.)


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