thursday things.

A quiet week on Inspiration-Driven Life typically means a not-so-quiet week in Real Life. Thanks for your patience, friends, as I try to get a grasp on this slippery-slidy life.

But just to check in and say hello . . . a few Thursday things —

1. I just finished reading two of Lauren Winner’s books: Mudhouse Sabbath and Girl Meets God. Highly recommend them both; Lauren Winner writes with both insight and wit, and I highly recommend them both.

2. Mizzou’s first football game as an SEC team is this weekend, and I couldn’t be more excited to watch it with some sweet fellow alum friends.

3. More and more friends are having babies and so I’m having a field day Googling vintage children’s toys. Remember this chatter phone? And Little People? (My parents were big All My Children fans, so I named all my Little People after the soap opera characters. I had a Tad, a Dixie, a Dimitri, an Erica and a Hayley. Kid you not.)

4. I am itching to dive head-first into fall Pumpkin Season. We devoured that batch of pumpkin muffins like champions and I’m on a quest for the next pumpkin-driven recipe. Maybe something savory this time?

5. Big news is on the horizon, and I am a little afraid, but can’t wait to share the story. This story holds quite a bit of nitty gritty, nitty gritty which you loved us through so beautifully. Next week on the blog, I’ll share a glimpse into our story and our big news. It’s a little professional and a little personal and a little scary and a lot exciting . . . Come back for it all next week?


6 thoughts on “thursday things.

  1. Ooh, a cliffhanger 🙂

    And that’s hilarious about your Little People names. My mom called AMC “her show” so I remember exactly who they all are, haha!

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