wedded wednesdays: gratitude.

Welcome back to Wedded Wednesdays. Like I said last Wednesday, I am so not anybody’s marriage counselor. But we need to talk about it and walk beside each other in it.

Earlier this summer, Mr. S. and I started a gratitude journal. No bold proclamation of philosophy or theology proceeded it. It just felt like a good idea for two people who have good lives but sometimes forget that.

The day I brought the grey Moleskine home from Barnes and Noble, we started filling it out. Some days, we’d write half a dozen things, and sometimes nothing at all. No rhyme, reason or pattern; just gratitude.

Sometimes, what we wrote was professional in nature, like the day I was grateful for a new client. Other times, what we wrote fell into that it’s-the-little-things category, like a cup of amazing coffee.

Most of our entries, without even planning it, pointed to each other. Mr. S. wrote about me doing the dishes, even though it’s not my favorite project. And I wrote about Mr. S. coming home from work when power went out on one side of our apartment, randomly, and I didn’t know what to do.

This simple act of regular reflection, this counting of our blessings . . . it was a glass of water for a thirsty marriage.

And then we lost it. The book, I mean. Somewhere in the middle of this crazy life we lead, we’ve misplaced it.

So here’s where I share the common refrain: You don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone. It wasn’t about the journal, not in the least. It was about being grateful for each other, appreciating what’s going right in this marriage and celebrating the everyday things that hot-glue us together.

In the journal’s absence, I’m learning about how important gratitude is in all relationships. I could make a list of what frustrates me, but I could make a companion list 176 times longer of what I love, cherish and appreciate. Oh, friends, life is tough yet precious.

The more joy we seek, the more joy we find.

The quest for the missing journal isn’t over. Mr. S. or I will find it in the last place either of us looks, I’m sure. Until it turns up, we’ll work hard at being grateful. Our marriage depends on it.

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4 thoughts on “wedded wednesdays: gratitude.

  1. This is like mini-love-letters! Taking time to record (or tell each other, when the notebook is lost) those things that we are thankful for, especially about another — those are love letters. This is SUCH a good idea.

    • Thank you, Joy! The journal has yet to turn up, but in its absence, I’m trying to make a conscious effort to verbalize gratitude. Vocal love letters, yes? 🙂 Thanks for the encouragement, friend.

  2. I absolutely LOVE wedded wednesdays!! Marriage is tough…we have been through some real ick…but I’m so thankful for my husband…the kind of deep heart wrenching thankful that could have only come from fighting & praying through the toughest of times. 🙂

    • Thank you, Lana, for sharing a glimpse of your story! Being grateful for each other can certainly be the glue that keeps us together.

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