wedded wednesdays: laughter

I am in no way qualified to be your marriage counselor. Oh, no way in this crazy world, friends. The better you know me and Mr. S., the more you know it’s true.

But I believe in marriage. I believe it’s important, I believe it’s enriching, I believe it’s something to be celebrated. We really, really need to talk about marriage. Often, we need a friend more than we need an expert. And sometimes we need someone to walk alongside us more than someone to advise us, yes?

Every marriage looks dramatically different. And at the same time, there are some parts of relationships that we all experience, that make marriage a beautifully unifying part of life. Welcome to Wedded Wednesdays on Inspiration-Driven Life, friends!

One part of relationships that so many of us experience is laughter and humor. The more Mr. S. and I have gotten to know each other, the more we’ve been able to make each other laugh.

Mr. S. made me chuckle constantly the first year we were together. But the first big belly laugh, the first almost-pee-in-your-pants laugh engraved in my memory? February 2009, over a year after we started dating.

I can’t even remember the context! We were driving from a little day trip in St. Louis back home to Columbia and it was something about Baby Jesus and some kind of farm animal? Maybe? The joke doesn’t matter. But it was ten minutes of solid, uninterrupted, totally goofball laughter.

These days, we make each other laugh as much as we can. We need it.

And that we laugh now more than ever is no coincidence. I think we laugh the most today because we’ve known each other the longest, the deepest. Like any friendship, we laugh most when we get comfortable, get intimate, get connected.

Just as much as we know what makes the other person laugh, we also know what corners of life to avoid. There are a few things that, simply, just don’t make me laugh. Making the one you love laugh can come naturally, but for us, it’s taken a little sensitivity too.

Do you remember the first time your significant other made you laugh? What makes you laugh most today?

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