guest post: on my career transition

I’d like to say my career transition started on the last day of my first big girl job. I’d like to say I launched with the sunrise the next day and it’s been fruitful ever since. And I wish I could detail every step I took.

If that were the story, it would involve much less heartbreak and very little gut-wrenching, that’s for sure.

Just like the story of a vacation begins when we pull our suitcase out of the closet and not when the plane takes off, the story of any life transition really starts long before the transition itself.

When someone asks what I do for a living, they usually don’t anticipate my answer. I do a few different things, I usually say. And if the person asks further, I tell them I spend half my week doing membership and development for a community art museum, and the other half of the week, I have my own writing and consulting business.

Today, I’m sharing the story of how I got there on Inspiration and Rough Drafts, Melissa Tydell’s splendid corner of the web. It is a privilege for me to participate in her new series, “Share Your Story.” Over the next few weeks, she’ll be featuring inspirational stories of those who have overcome obstacles, taken leaps of faith, discovered something new . . . the list goes on. Melissa is a gem and I know the stories she shares will be just fantastic as well.

Visit Inspiration and Rough Drafts to read the story of my career transition.

(And hey, if you’re visiting from Inspiration and Rough Drafts today, welcome and thanks for visiting!)

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