inspiration-driven links, week of 7.1.12

{Inspiration-Driven Links is my weekly roundup of the web.}

Mr. S. and I (thankfully!) will be spending this steamy afternoon in air conditioning. So excited to be volunteer docents in a historic home tour in our neighborhood. Expect a tweet or two this afternoon!

Thanks for all the support and love on my post yesterday. Anyone who says the Internet isn’t personal clearly hasn’t experienced how it can bring people together.

Some of my favorite pieces this week . . . 

The Picky Eater who Came to Dinner. With the rise of food allergies, preferences and necessities, it has become more and more difficult to break bread together. Food is such a fantastic component of community. This article raises a great question — with allergies and preferences, who is responsible? Is it the guest or the host?

Kaleigh Somers on doing what we love: “You do what you love because life is too long to feel like you haven’t done anything of value. Life is too long to feel like you wasted it on someone else’s dreams.” Amen, sister. Amen.

The Wrestle (on the Allume blog) touched me, heart and soul. “I have to know, that when I hang in there, when I continue to pursue God….there IS blessing in the wrestle.”

Katie from Simply His writes about being filled to be emptied again. Necessary, so necessary.

And you? What are your favorites?

2 thoughts on “inspiration-driven links, week of 7.1.12

    • Meag! Grateful that you stopped by & for your kind words. Can’t wait to get more connected with you!

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