inspiration-driven links, week of 6.24.12

{Inspiration-Driven Links is my weekly roundup of the web.}

Good morning, friends! Grateful for the rain yesterday and the a-little-cooler temps it brought. Planning an adventure with a friend this evening to a nearby small town and all its gems. Can’t wait!

Some of the best things I’ve found online this week . . .  

On those Pinterest thinspiration boards . . . and what they can do to a woman’s worth.

Loving this Giving up on Good series — what we’re really called to do.

Breastfeeding hurts and other things we need to be more honest about. Kathy Escobar is fantastic, and so is this.

[Hopping up on my soapbox for a sec . . . If we were more honest in our communities, we’d face fewer unmet expectations and greater joy. Period.]

Crowded coffee shops actually help our creativity. Research to back up the anecdotal evidence 🙂

Seth Godin, on shortcuts.

Best thing you’ve read this week? Share!


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