five minute friday: Dance


Three years old and I’m smitten with these ballet shoes. My legs are too skinny for my tights and they wrinkle up around my ankles, but none of that matters. Because I’m a ballerina and it’s wonderful.

My first recital and we all stand in a long row. I’m on the end, half my body hidden behind the curtain — because I’m the littlest one. But my teacher tells me I’m on the end because I’m the leader. Obviously, I’m sold. And that pink tutu becomes a treasure as I dance, dance, dance.

Fast forward 13 years. Dance has become far less fun. Something fell apart as the years went by. Maybe it became too serious, too competitive; whatever the case, I couldn’t keep up. Not so suddenly, it’s dance I loathe instead of dance I love. My body grew awkward and lost the playfulness that made dance a joy. And so, “to focus on my writing,” as I said, I retire the ballet shoes and the tap shoes. 

Dancing . . . such a piece of shame for me, for years. I was no good and so I quit dancing, I’d replay in my head. Oh, but joy! There’s joy in dancing, I’ve forgotten. Dancing doesn’t have to be just a plie and an arabesque at a lesson; dancing can be how we move through life.

Slowly, I reclaim it.

I redeem it. At wedding receptions, in the driver’s seat, to Christmas carols, to our record player, when the radio gets it right . . . redemption. Because dance ought not be a dark word.

Love linking up with Lisa Jo for Five Minute Friday.


17 thoughts on “five minute friday: Dance

  1. Have you watched Bunheads? I forgot what channel it’s on but there’s only about 3 episodes to catch up on. I think you’d really enjoy it. Check your On Demand channel if you have it. When I escape in my mind during yoga, the thought that makes me most happy is seeing myself on a stage.. dancing.. knowing every step with precision and accuracy and executing it with great flourish; Not in this life.. but when I’m in heaven, I’m sure my heavenly body will be so cool and amazing and I’ll dance for all eternity.. for me, for the angels.. for Jesus in heaven. Keep your dream alive my friend.. you never know where it will take you.

    • Sahsha, no, I haven’t watched the show but have heard a lot about it! I’d love to watch. Love that dancing is such an uplifting thought for you! And thanks for the encouragement to keep the dream alive, friend!

  2. I remember when the joys of dancing turned to the tears of rejection, realisation that I was never going to be good at it. And then the laughter the different kind of dance brought into my life – and now the crazy kind of dances I do with little ones, and you know, this is better. THIS is the kind of dancing I/we were born to do. The kind which fills up your heart till it is hard to breathe. You dance on!

  3. “Dancing doesn’t have to be just a plie and an arabesque at a lesson; dancing can be how we move through life.”

    I’ve learned this too. Dancing is how we move through life. You’ve articulated this so beautifully, Sarah. And I am so glad that you’re redeeming all that dance is ~ and the joy therein.

    • Denise, thanks so much — grateful for your encouragement, friend, and thanks for visiting today.

  4. Yes! Dancing is good for the soul 🙂 I was on drill team in high school and dance company in college… but the dance parties at our old apartment, at late-night bars, and at wedding receptions that hold a special place in my heart!

  5. When an activity ceases to be a joy, it is good to take a step back from it for a while. It is good though that you slowly reclaim the joy you used to have in dance. Happy dancing,

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