Exciting news: Mr. S. and I have acquired our very own record player!

It started with a cup of coffee on Memorial Day. Mr. S. and I sat in our sweet friend Erin’s living room and there sat her record player. We smiled about Sunday night’s adventure to The Bluebird and The Violet Hour and ice cream. And Mr. S. suggested we listen to a record. So Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes played us a handful of songs and we were smitten.

The music sounded so neat, crisp . . . in a different way than Pandora streams or Spotify albums or iTunes playlists could.

And so the search began. Craigslist gave us a lead — unfortunately, it was sold. Thankfully, we kept at it. $30 later (bargain, right?),we’re proud owners of this sweet thing:

First albums, bought from the fantastic record store in our little town: Mumford & Sons and The Bee Gees. So clearly we need to get a few more records.

And so, friends, here I ask: How should we build our vinyl collection?

If you have a record player, how have you done it — where have you found vintage gems and new releases? Urban Outfitters has a surprisingly good collection on its website, but I’d like to think a little bigger.

We’re not exactly music aficionados or anything. I played piano for a handful of fleeting years as a kiddo and all is lost (sorry, Mom and Dad). That, plus Kindermusik and Mr. S.’s two years in middle school band, is our collective music experience. And so this adventure feels especially unique. It’s different and a good way to stretch our imagination.

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9 thoughts on “record-mendations?

  1. Oh, how fun!!!! I grew up listening to vinyl. All gathering round the player on Saturday evenings. And I’m not THAT old — My parents just knew how to have a good time 😉 That being said–I have no helpful hints for you. I see them at garage sales all the time, but that’s a huge needle in a haystack scenario. Guess I’d stick to Craigslist or Ebay….?
    and now I’ll be thinking of that Seinfeld episode all day. Do you know the one?

    Congrats on your new investment!

    • YES Nikki . . . that Seinfeld episode for sure!!

      I’ve been scouring the internet, plus keeping my eyes open on garage sales & estate sales. This weekend looks promising; think of me on Saturday morning!

  2. Okay – now I’m going to date myself because I grew up listening to vinyl. I still have my album collection (and many 45 RPM singles). Unforuntately, I don’t have a record player any longer. I haven’t purchased any albums since the 80s, only cassettes, then CDs, now iTunes. I have seen a few albums in antique stores, however.

    By the way I like the Bee Gees. 🙂

    • Joan, we love us some Bee Gees over at our place! 🙂 Antique stores — now that’s a good idea. We have a few in the downtown area here and I have yet to investigate. Stay tuned 🙂

  3. Oh, I have been known to spend HOURS in Half Price Books looking through their records, if that’s any help at all! (And if you happen to come visit some time, I’ll take you to the giant one with the biggest collection in Tejas – but that’s my assumption, not checked out at all.)

    • Half Price Books #FTW. I did a quick Google search and there are several near the Indy area, so if I ever get in that direction before visiting you, I’ll have to check it out. But a little Dallas action is on my “goals for the year ahead” list, so fingers crossed. PS — Phone chat soon.

  4. Okay, I totally commented yesterday, but it’s gone now. Gah! But hooray for coffee and friends and music and lazy holiday mornings! You guys made a lovely investment — and what a bargain! Can’t wait to help you build your collection. Like your friends above, I’d say troll the thrift/second hand stores, yard sales, record exchange stores. There are MANY in Chicago, so whenever you come visit next, we’ll make a day of it!

    • We are so excited for our next visit and record thrifting!! We love our current records, but we are ready for some new ones. Can’t wait to explore with you!

  5. What fun, Sarah! Half-Price Books has a huge collection (if you have one near). They are online, but the vinyls may be a problem to buy online because they are the old ones, used ones. I would want to look at them before buying, looking for scratches. So a store would be the best.
    Thank you for stopping by “Being Woven” and sharing with me your prayers for me and my Mama. I am so thankful for you and the SDG sisters who pray together.
    Caring through Christ,~ linda

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