inspiration-driven links, week of 6.17.12

{Inspiration-Driven Links is my weekly roundup of the web.}

Hey friends. Lower-key day today — no weddings this weekend, at least. This week has been a busy one, with a lot of ups and downs. sorry it’s been quieter over here. Looking forward to a new week tomorrow . . .

So many gems online this week! I’d love to share a few with you.

— How to cook moist and tender chicken breasts, without fail, every time. I tried this method this week and it was such a success.

— Stephanie Bryant shares some helpful social marketing links. My favorite? How to break out of a creative rut.

— You’ve probably heard about that Atlantic article by now — you know, the famous can-women-have-it-all argument. Some of Slate’s women contributors had a meaningful, poignant and realistic conversation about it.

— The practice of being in-between, by the wonderful Kristin Tennant. I’m in that place now (more on that next week) and so this especially spoke to my soul.

— Unsalted butter, always.

— I recently found Allison Vesterfelt’s blog and love it already. I was especially blessed this week by why you should be more high-maintenance. Bold, different. I like it.

You? Best thing you’ve read this week? GO.


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