inspiration-driven links, week of 6.10.12

{Inspiration-Driven Links is my weekly roundup of the web.}

Good morning, friends. Mr. S. and I are headed off to — you guessed it! — another wedding today. Tis the season, right? Rumor has it this one is serving sushi . . . so that’s exciting. We’re making a day trip out of it with some friends and I can’t wait.

So many gems this week! A few of my favorites . . .

Sarah Bessey, on being saved to each other: “Some of my greatest wounds have come from Church. And so I suppose it makes sense that some of my greatest healing would come through Church as well.”

On being a “good” Christian woman.

I am so excited to make these broccoli fritters this week!

Affective vs. effective in relationships.

I love all of Joy the Baker’s recipes . . . and I treasured her short but sweet note to self this week.

The magnificent Hannah Brencher on words and writing.

So now it’s your turn! What’s the best thing you’ve read (or written!) this week?

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